It's more than just pitching your business to investors. 

You need to know how to: 

  • raise capital including equity, debt, contest and revenue 

  • maximize the value of your capital round and minimize risk

  • target and secure the right investors

  • close a round

  • structure a pitch and a deal that is attractive to investors. 

BaseCamp made a significant difference in how I communicate about my company to investors. Previous to taking the program, I was stuck in the weeds around what the business value of the technology that I had developed.

Thanks to Randy and the amazing group of companies that were assembled, I was able to hone my message and get clear, critical feedback on what my company’s value is.
— Gena Rotstein, Founder & CEO of Dexterity Ventures Inc. & Place2Give

You will receive valuable insight & feedback from the angel investor perspective!

Join Randy Thompson, Founder and CEO of VA Angels and Angel Investor, providing startup founders with valuable insight and exercises to help them ‘become the investor’ and understand the process.



Yes you'll learn how to create an awesome

Pitch Deck but you'll also learn:

Deal Structures

& Deal Models

How to value your company & structure a deal for angels.

How to get cash

from investors.


Founders will get the exclusive opportunity to:

  • Talk directly with investors about what they look for (including local Angel & VC guest speakers)

  • Form connections with influencers and active investors in the Alberta investment community (Typically, access to these investors can cost up to $1,000!)

  • Learn how to create a product plan, discuss sales & marketing, and determine how to value your company and sell shares – all from real angel investors, not consultants

  • Create an Investor Deck and present to angel investors

To conclude the weekend, founders will have the opportunity to pitch to a distinguished panel of investors and community influencers and receive feedback.

BaseCamp was one of the most valuable things I did for my startup. In two days I learnt more than I did in the last two years of my degree. I was able to apply what I learnt immediately and felt more comfortable claiming value on what I had built.
— Mandy Balak, Founder & CEO of It's Date Night & BRANDED

BaseCamp Schedule 

DAY 2: 9 AM TO 5 PM

*Snacks & lunch provided


  • Think Like An Investor
  • “The Six Points”


  • Building a Cap Table and A Share Structure
  • Creating an Investor Package
  • Valuations and Deal Structures
  • Understanding Exits and Investor Math

Day 3: Pub Pitch Night at 4 pm (3.5 hrs) at CRAFT Beer Market

(10013-101A Ave NW (off Rice Howard Way)

This is your opportunity to put what you learned into action in front of a room full of investors and get valuable feedback.

DAY 1: 9 AM TO 5 PM

*Snacks & lunch provided


  • Welcome  & Introductions Quick Pitch Introductions – Group
  • Should You Really Do This?
  • What Do Your Customers Think?
  • Building Teams
  • The Prototype Stage


  • Checking Back With Your Customers
  • Building a Business on 3 Lines
  • The Business Model
  • Financing 
BaseCamp was an amazing investment for me to make as I was right in the middle of raising our first seed round. With all the guidance from Randy I can say with confidence he helped me retain more equity in my company while we were raising capital with a deal structure that made everyone happy.
— Derek Rucki, Founder of TLink Golf Inc.

Thank you to Terry Booth for mentoring & speaking at BaseCamps.


Thank you to Alexander Kominek for video production & graphic design.